Conferenza per giovani botanici 6-7 febbraio 2020

Rivolto a dottorandi e post-doc che abbiano finito il dottorato da massimo 3 anni.
Partecipazione aperta anche a studenti magistrali e borsisti post-laurea.


Congresso CYBO 6-7 febbraio 2020

Palazzo Università, Via Balbi, Genova

Sessione 1 - Sistematica e conservazione

Conservation of endemic and rare vascular flora in the areas around Messina: current status and protection proposals  Vedi abstract

A multidisciplinary molecular approach for the conservation of the endangered Orchis patens  Vedi abstract

Ptilostemon casabonae (L.) Greuter: phytochemical and biomolecular intra-specific variability of a little known endemic Mediterranean plant  Vedi abstract

Betula aetnensis: thermal and water potential thresholds of regeneration by seed for a narrow endemic high mountain Mediterranean birch  Vedi abstract

Ecology and germination of orofite endemo-vicariants of Sicily  Vedi abstract

LIFEorchids (LIFE17NAT/IT/000596): propagation and dissemination  Vedi abstract

New molecular insights on the Tuber aestivum-mesentericum species-complex  Vedi abstract

Proposal of Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) application within limited territories  Vedi abstract

Management and conservation of Showcaves: Study of microbial biodiversity to evaluate the anthropic impact  Vedi abstract

Survey of culturable fungi in Antarctic cryptoendolithic communities in Victoria Land  Vedi abstract

Cryptoendolithic eukaryotic diversity of Helliwell Hills, Victoria Land (Continental Antarctica)  Vedi abstract

Coexistence of intensive rice production and Marsilea quadrifolia in the organic rice farms of the Po Valley  Vedi abstract

The new Vascular Flora of the State Nature Reserve “Montagna di Torricchio” (Marche, Italy)  Vedi abstract

Application of IUCN Red Listing Criteria at the Regional Levels: A Case Study with Boletales in Umbria (central Italy)  Vedi abstract

Molecular characterization and taxonomic revision of types of the genera Xylaria and Rosellinia belonging to the Pier Andrea Saccardo mycological collection  Vedi abstract

The role of protected areas and translocations in preserving Italian endemic species in the face of future climate change  Vedi abstract

Culture collection of Italian wood decay fungal strains for the development of mycelium-based materials  Vedi abstract

A synopsis of Sardinian studies: why is it important to work on island orchids?  Vedi abstract

Exploring the Diversity of Psychotria (Rubiaceae) in Lowland and Montane Rainforests in Papua New Guinea.  Vedi abstract

Discovery and Characterization of Pycnoporellus fulgens from an unmanaged forest in the Biogenetic Nature Reserve of Vallombrosa within the LIFE MycoRestore Project  Vedi abstract

Critical issues in the compilation of a check-list of macrofungi.  Vedi abstract

Influence of ants on lichens beta-diversity and functional traits  Vedi abstract

Differences in taxonomic and ecology traits between Ehrharta erecta Lam. and Ehrharta delicatula Stapf (Poaceae)  Vedi abstract

Sessione 2 - Ecologia della vegetazione, macroecologia e biogeografia

How vegetation analysis can renew soil bioengineering for slope stabilization  Vedi abstract

Mapping coastal dune natural vegetation types using a measurement of phenological features: the potential of Sentinel-2  Vedi abstract

Plant invasions in the Mediterranean basin  Vedi abstract

Research experience told through difficulties, human relationships and funny moments.  Vedi abstract

The biodiversity of soil microfungi in Colombia  Vedi abstract

Beach litter ecological effects along the Central Adriatic coast of Italy  Vedi abstract

Palynology to investigate environmental transformations on a long-term perspective in the Po Plain: the case study of the Terramara S. Rosa di Poviglio  Vedi abstract

Temporal changes in the floristic composition, ecology and structure on high mountain grasslands: preliminary observations in the Matese LTER Site (LTER_EU_IT_022)  Vedi abstract

Responses of rock glacier vegetation to climate change  Vedi abstract

Diversity of succulent species in the native flora of Sicily  Vedi abstract

Latitudinal and elevation gradient differently drives species understory coexistence in beech forests of Apennine chain (Italy)  Vedi abstract

How fine-scale abiotic and biotic variations affect taxonomic diversity in abandoned sub-Mediterranean grasslands  Vedi abstract

Medicinal plants used to treat skin diseases in rural villages of Kavrepalnchowk District, Central Nepal  Vedi abstract


Alpine shrub encroachment in the central Appenines: current patterns and temporal trends  Vedi abstract

Investigations on ecology and distribution of Senecio inaequidens DC. in Tuscany  Vedi abstract

Comparative seed germination patterns of alpine plants in the context of climate change  Vedi abstract

Fungi: a microscopic threat to a museum collection  Vedi abstract


How biyearly mowing and Brachypodium rupestre’s features affects plant community  Vedi abstract

Strengths and weaknesses of the use of functional traits in recent studies on macrophytes  Vedi abstract

Pollinator Diversity and Efficiency in Apple orchards in Emilia-Romagna  Vedi abstract

A morphological and phytosociological comparison between Jacobaea persoonii e Jacobaea incana in the Ligurian Alps  Vedi abstract

Long-term changes in Carex curvula community composition; preliminary results on Orobian Alps  Vedi abstract

Effect of grassland’s mosaic structure and dynamism on the habitat suitability for the Alectoris graeca singer male in a central Apennine pastoral landscape.  Vedi abstract

The pastoral landscapes of arenaceous substrata in the Monti Sibillini National Park (Central Italy)  Vedi abstract

Experimental evidence of the consumption of the invasive alien duckweed Lemna minuta by herbivorous larvae of Cataclysta lemnata. Are we facing a potential biocontroller?  Vedi abstract

Quantifying habitat suitability for narrow endemic alpine plant species in the Dolomites (Italy) under predicted climate change  Vedi abstract

Habitat 3170* - Mediterranean temporary ponds (Directive 92/43/EEC): distribution and characterization in Liguria  Vedi abstract

Subalpine vegetation changes triggered by mining and livestock husbandry close to a recently excavated medieval settlement (Piani di Sasso, Lombardy Alps)  Vedi abstract

Different plant communities hosting Ionopsidium savianum (Caruel) Arcang. in Tuscany: taxonomic and functional diversity.  Vedi abstract

Sustainable management practices in Mediterranean agroforestry systems using the Adaptive Multi-Paddock model (project Life Regenerate - Revitalizing multifunctional Mediterranean agrosilvopastoral systems using dynamic and profitable operational practices - LIFE16 ENV/ES/000276)  Vedi abstract

Functional phytosociology of woody Italian vegetation  Vedi abstract

Realised niche shift of invading Euphorbia paralias  Vedi abstract

High-mountain plant-pollinators interactions: the case of the narrow endemic alpine plant Androsace brevis (Hegetschw.) Ces. (Primulaceae)  Vedi abstract

Intraspecific variability is the main driver of functional changes in lichen communities.  Vedi abstract

How lichen functional traits vary along a latitudinal gradient in Chile?  Vedi abstract

Exploring the role of Sacred Natural Sites in patterns of forest changes across Italy  Vedi abstract

Videorecordings as an innovative method to investigate the behaviour of arthropods on high altitude plants. The case study of Androsace brevis (Hegetschw.) Cesati (Primulaceae)  Vedi abstract

Patterns of vegetation succession at broad geographical scales: the time is ripe for comparative studies and meta-analyses  Vedi abstract

Cross-taxon analysis of vascular plants and ants in a Mediterranean agroforestry system: first results from the project “Innovative beef cattle Grazing systems for the Restoration of Abandoned Lands in the Alpine and Mediterranean mountains” (iGRAL-AGER2)  Vedi abstract

Hyphal melanisation in microcolonial fungi: a prerequisite for the penetration into marble?  Vedi abstract

Sessione 3 - Evoluzione e adattamento


Mycoremediation of heavy metals in the waters of the Port of Genoa (EU Interreg Project V-A Italy France Maritime 2014 – 2020 "GEREMIA - Waste management for the improvement of port waters’’.  Vedi abstract

Small functional foods: Phytochemical and nutritional analyses of five Brassicaceae species microgreens  Vedi abstract

Fungal education and outreach aims  Vedi abstract


Plants, people and traditions in the Gran Paradiso National Park (Western Alps, Italy)  Vedi abstract

Characterization and Antioxidant Activity of Sympatric Orchid Species’ Essential Oils from two Ligurian localities  Vedi abstract

Chemical Composition of Essential Oils from Aerial parts of Spergula pentandra L. from Kurdistan-Region-Iraq  Vedi abstract

Viburnum tinus L.: investigation on its spontaneous from shoot system  Vedi abstract

Porphyra dioica J.Brodie et L.M.Irvine; a first look to a mass cultivation of a European species  Vedi abstract

Nectar trait variability in Aegonychon purpurocaeruleum (L.) Holub  Vedi abstract

Insights into the genome of Antarctic cryptoendolithic black fungi  Vedi abstract

What it takes to be a plant growth promoter: characterization of two strains of soil saprotrophic fungi Minimedusa polyspora and Chaetomium globosum  Vedi abstract

Microfungal communities in a paddy irrigation system water and effect of fungicides and mechanical management.  Vedi abstract

Effect of volcanogenic heavy metals on seed germination of Mt. Etna native plants  Vedi abstract

Do you manage it, or do you want help? Effect of self and cross-pollination on the seed set of two Ophrys species.  Vedi abstract

The role of the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis on tomato resilience to combined stress: from phenomics to functional genomics approaches  Vedi abstract

Is plant water content a useful tool for predicting the risk of drought-induced mortality?  Vedi abstract

Morphological characterization of the developing ovules of Ginkgo biloba and associated molecular pathways involved in the development of the fleshy sarcotesta  Vedi abstract

MADS-box genes and development of flower and fruit in Nymphaea caerulea: modern traits and old inventions  Vedi abstract

Co-cultivation of Tisochrysis lutea and Nannochloropsis oculata: preliminary tests on cultivation medium and starter inoculum variations.  Vedi abstract

An evolutionary approach for the study of spatial diversity of freshwater macrophytes in Central and Northern Italy.  Vedi abstract

The effect of exotic plant species on phylogenetic diversity of common reeds communities  Vedi abstract

Value-added co-products from biomass of the diatoms Staurosirella pinnata and Phaeodactylum tricornutum  Vedi abstract

Studies on Hericium erinaceus for a better use of its medicinal properties in central nervous system  Vedi abstract

Photoprotection in Selaginella martensii Spring (Lycopodiophyta) acclimated to different light regimes  Vedi abstract

Assisted phytoremediation of a former mine soil using biochar and iron sulphate: effects on As soil immobilization and accumulation in three Salicaceae species  Vedi abstract

Characterization of polyketide synthases in an ericoid endomycorrhizal fungus using a molecular approach  Vedi abstract

Toward understanding differences in lateral root formation from Arabidopsis root in primary and secondary structure  Vedi abstract

Chitin oligomers extraction from fungal biomass and their use as promoters of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis  Vedi abstract

Biotechnological strategies to improve salt stress resistance in Brassica napus L.  Vedi abstract

Constitutive and herbivore-induced emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by Prunus armeniaca (L.) plants infested by Capnodis tenebrionis (L.) beetles  Vedi abstract

The fungal genus Trichoderma: can be useful for the biodegradation of used engine oil?  Vedi abstract

Homeostatic needs and toxicity of metals: characterization of phytochelatin synthase in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha   Vedi abstract

Use of two exotic plant extracts against the venom from Velella velella (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)  Vedi abstract

Citrus bergamia Risso & Poiteau: quality assessment and authentication via PCR-based molecular analysis  Vedi abstract

A possible endophytic symbiont of Androsace brevis (Hegetschw.) Cesati (Primulaceae)  Vedi abstract

Experimental design to assess integrated phytoremediation approach  Vedi abstract




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